The history of GROTEX - an importer and exporter of spices, dried vegetables and food additives


The GROTEX company was established in the early nineties. The beginnings of its activity focused mainly on the comprehensive supply of meat processing plants. The company was a direct importer of pig intestines and sheep intestines from Asia. Sourcing raw materials from countries such as China, India or Vietnam placed us in a number of dominant trade companies in this industry on the Polish market. The specialized sale included the following products: butcher's mixes, casings, nets and sausage pins.
At the turn of the new millennium, the Grotex company underwent a series of transformations. In 2002, the company changed its headquarters. The new location increased and modernized warehouse space, which allowed to storage more products in conditions compliant with European Union standards. Another project was to expand the range of products and open up to deliveries from Europe and Africa. Selected and proven suppliers enabled us to sell high-quality goods. Our assortment includes: spices, herbs, dried vegetables and functional additives.

The next stage is 2009, when the company is expanding its activities to the production area. Specialized technological lines and the entire production base allowed us to create our own spice mixtures based on unique recipes. Currently, we offer over 100 original mixtures. In 2010, in order to ensure food safety, the HACCP production control system was implemented. The technological processes of individual production stages are carefully controlled from acceptance to release of the product.
The next step is to open up to services. By following current market trends and demands, the company launched its service sector. We currently provide services in the field of mixing, grinding and crushing spices. Each commissioned task is performed with due diligence in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the client.

2017 is another investment, thanks to the expansion of the company and the formation of a new warehouse, we managed to double the storage area. The new warehouse streamlined the order preparation process as well as increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire enterprise.

Today is the import and export of homogeneous spices, spice mixtures, herbs, dried vegetables and functional additives. We provide services to several hundred domestic wholesalers, spice packaging plants, processing plants and others. We have significant customers from Great Britain, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Hungary and Italy.


Respect and trust are values that from the very beginning have been the foundation of company development and mutually satisfying business relations. After more than thirty years of business, we can boast a group of regular customers convinced of the quality of our services and products as well as a constantly expanding circle of new clients.

Grotex is a family business, where the next generation is supported by a team of dedicated employees who have been with the company for many years, thus guaranteeing constant quality and repeatability of products and services. A symbol of these values is the Family Firms Tree, which we have been honoured with by the Family Firms Foundation.

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