Mixed spices

Mixed spices which include carefully selected, appropriately composed spices and herbs, are the perfect solution for people taking their first steps in the kitchen or simply wanting to save time. Compositions are a product that is always at hand and a recipe for a successful dish. The harmonious spices bring out the flavor of the dishes, giving them a unique character and improving the aroma. Thanks to ready-made mixes of spices, your dishes will taste exactly as they should. The skillful combination of flavors and the right proportions is the key to creating the perfect blend of spices.

Skillful combination of flavors

The ready-made spice mixes offered by us are our own production, based on unique recipes:

  • curry
  • red savory
  • green savory
  • garam masala
  • universal spice (bouilon spice)
  • universal liquid spice
  • lemon pepper
  • garlic pepper
  • colored pepper
  • herbal pepper
  • tomato with garlic and basil
  • tomato with wild Garlic and black cumin
  • Tomato with chilli and oregano
  • chinese spice


  • seasoning for bigos
  • barbecue seasoning
  • stew seasoning
  • gyros spice
  • mulled wine seasoning
  • kebab spice
  • chicken spice
  • pasta seasoning
  • seasoning for pickled cucumbers
  • gingerbreadspice
  • fish seasoning
  • seasoning for salads
  • shawarma seasoning

  • seasoning for wings
  • seasoning for sauces and meats
  • shaslik seasoning
  • seasoning for potatoes and fries
  • mulled wine seasoning - spice for ribs
  • mexican spice
  • hunting spice
  • Hungarian spice
  • Italian spice
  • Father Matthew’s secret
  • garli salt
  • herbal salt
  • Malgosia’s spice
  • Herbes de Provence